Our Lady of Grackles

Little is known about Our Lady of Grackles, despite a surprisingly large worship spread throughout the Gearworld, and occasionally even diffusing into worlds adjacent. Her origins are mysterious. There are a great many stories put forward as to those origins--most of them are lies, and all of them are wrong. What is known conclusively is that she is always hooded, usually naked, and only trustworthy if you are in danger. She does not speak--anyone who claims to have heard her voice is also lying--but the faithful claim that sometimes, in the dark, they can hear wings.

I wish I knew more about Our Lady of Grackles. She’s one of the important divinities of Gearworld, and like the Monks of Perdition, I think she sends the occasional tendril into the worlds that Gearworld runs under like an access corridor.  (That’s always been one of my thoughst about Gearworld–that if you opened the right door somewhere, you’d find it, miles of tunnels underneath everything we think of as the world, where the important business gets done, or used to get done. Y’know, kind of like Disneyland, only less sinister.)

Anyway, another assemblage piece–putting the paper-doll cut-out of St. Azul into the other shrine made me think that was what I needed for this one. Original is for sale, and I have prints (weird as it is to do prints of a sculpture…)

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