It was nearly ninety here today. Good lord. It seems that spring was about a week long this year, and now it has decided to be summer.

A lovely pine warbler was on the suet feeder, (the first of the season!) mourning doves prowling through the garden and sitting sullenly in the birdbath, the big bumblebees starting to come out and buzz about…not at all a bad day out there, just hot. The flowers on my poor creeping woodland phlox came out a day or two ago and were a deep, lovely pink and today’s heat caused them to wilt and die. Sigh.

On the bright side, while I’m still drinking Theraflu in the morning to clear the stuffiness and bleariness, I feel much better.

Spent most of the day working on the Great Blog Migration. Expect updates on that front soon…the gardening blog is nearly up and running, but migrating the LJ content will take days and Kevin’s expertise, so the main blog’s still a skeleton. (I’m going with a main blog and a gardening specific blog, since the latter gets so much of my attention for very specific parts of the year. Both will cross-post here, so you’re not missing anything, and I’ll include links once it’s all good to go.)

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