“There will be no more frooging, is that quite clear? NO MORE FROOGING!”

Kevin has informed me that if I wish to migrate the blog, now is a good time. So I’m trying to mock up the layout, which is mostly me playing with fonts. I’m using the chibi squash kachina as the header, which leads to the question of whether "Tea with the Squash God" is too pretentious a title for a blog, or whether the fact that it’s a frickin’ squash is sufficiently absurd to save me. (Maybe "Squash Blossom Tea." Or "Squash Tea." Maybe it doesn’t bloody matter because everybody is just gonna call it "Ursula’s Blog" anyway and I should stop worrying about it.) 

Now, I hasten to add, LJ will not go away. I need it to keep up on my friend’s list. So everything’ll be crossposted, and I’ll still hang out at the comments here–there’ll just be the little tag at the bottom that says "Originally posted at Tea with the Squash God (that pretentious twit) You can comment here or there." And probably more pictures, because I am more likely to post pictures there. But anyway, there is no reason you have to move if you’re happy here, and if you don’t have an LJ and only come here for me, you can move over to Squash Tea.

It’ll be on the Red Wombat site, linked off the main page, so it should be easy enough to find, and of course I’ll post links here and so forth.

Mostly I’m screwing around with fonts. I hate fonts. I love them, but I hate them because I have no design sense and after about twenty minutes they all look the same and I no longer know what looks good and what looks like the work of a thirteen year old girl who dots her i’s with little hearts.

Also, anyone who gets the reference in the title is…well, "geek" isprobably not the correct word in this case. Either born significantly before me, or subject to some of the same peculiarities of upbringing I was…

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