For my own reference…

Stuff that definitely died:

"Jethro Tull" coreopsis*
Butterfly blue Scabiosa

Stuff that is probably dead but not ready to put a stake in yet:
that one purple spikey salvia
creeping phlox

Stuff that came back:
Texas sage (every variety!)*
bee balm (seems to be spreading…)*
cabbage-leaf coneflower*
purple-headed sneezeweed*
black-eyed susans*
purple coneflower in that one spot by the birdbath*
dianthus, also by birdbath
Red Hot Poker
Gaura "whirling butterflies"
swamp milkweed*
Russian sage
creeping vervain

Stuff that I think is coming back but I might be getting overexcited over a weed:
pineapple sage (in one spot–my huge bush might have died from the cold)
Stokes aster*
something with "verbena" on the tag that I think was that tall white spikey thing?
mountain mint*
giant lobelia*

It’s clear from my list that I should just give up and embrace my salvia collecting tendencies. I feel guilty about the non-native varieties, but I’ve got a fair number of natives to assuage my guilt.


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