KEVIN: So the piece you declared was an abject failure and you hated it…people are asking if you’re auctioning it and writing stories about it?
KEVIN: Here I am, sweating and bitching and going nuts trying to write this thing for church, and your abject failures are wildly successful?
URSULA: Apparently so.
KEVIN: Gynnnaaaaah!
URSULA: But for perspective, I totally thought the Unsaint was the best thing I painted all last year.
KEVIN:  ….
URSULA:  So, yeah.

One of the things I always say when people are misguided enough to put me in a room with a microphone and tell me to talk about what I do is that you never have any idea what people will like. And this is true, and it’s probably a good thing, because we’re really no judges of our own work, and also it keeps us humble, because if the pieces we thought were brilliant were hailed as brilliant, no one could live with usafter awhile, and I really thought y’all were gonna be polite about the colors on this one and no one would ever speak of it again.

So, since a bunch of people have asked…starting this one low…

The Wolf Ate Them Auction

And let me say, I’m actually rather moved by the response to this one…I was gettin’ all sulky and grumpy because I felt like I hadn’t managed to convey what I was going for, and the fact that it’s resonating with a number of people makes me think maybe more got in there than I’d feared.

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