So other than going to the comic book store, we didn’t do much for Valentine’s Day–we actually went out on Saturday, had sushi, I signed books, Kevin bought me a caramel apple, we came home, played video games, and that was as close to perfect a day as one gets in this life.

(My apologies if the handwriting is erratic in any of those books–the sushi came with complimentary unfiltered sake, in honor of Valentine’s Day, or possibly Kevin, whom the owner of the sushi joint has taken a shine to.)

However, Valentine’s Day was not entirely free of romance! Late at night, Kevin took the dogs out and the beagle went wandering, so it was a few minutes and a trek through the frigid wilderness before he came back inside. When Kevin crawled back in bed, he was freezing.  So he immediately glommed onto the largest heat source in the bed–I yelped and flailed–and then uttered the immortal words "Oh my god! Your butt is as warm as a thousand suns!"

Perhaps when I wished for a hot body as a teenager, I should have been a little more specific.

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