Fridgebeast located! We even got a display model, so it was 10% off the price. I am well-pleased.

Came home, hung some of my newly acquired art, continued to wrestle with the cow skull. Getting that other horn back on is proving difficult. Liquid Nails failed, after having all night to set, screws failed, two-part plumber’s epoxy failed. Not happy.

After nearly an hour of wrangling, (on top of last night’s hour of wrangling) cursing, and growing increasingly testy (and making an increasingly gloopy mess) I flung down the epoxy, stormed into Kevin’s office and announced "THERE. I FIXED IT."

"Oh, lord…"

He came downstairs with trepidation, gazed at my solution, and said "Y’know…it actually kinda works."

So there is now a one-horned cow-skull hanging in the kitchen, with my Really Cool Hat (retired)* perched jauntily on the hornless side, with a large pink silk flower on it. Sort of…bag-lady Georgia O’Keefe.

Sometimes the best solution is to just declare victory where you’re standing, and get the hell out of Dodge.

*Floppy-brimmed fleece, in black and white stripes. It served me well in Minnesota, despite my stepfather’s frequent death threats against it, (it made me look like an elderly maiden aunt, which kinda fits, except for the maidenly bit) but I hardly ever wear it here. Still, if it gets THAT cold, I can always just grab it off the skull.

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