Wombat Pendants!

wombat pendants

Nifty thing, new from Foxloft–a hand-carved Tagua pendant, in the form of our very own Red Wombat!

I’ve got two of these pendants, one in a wombat and one in a wild boar and they really are cool and very wearable. (Also, Foxfeather is awesome. I’ve got to scan the walrus-and-radish she drew for me–made the rest of us look like rank amateurs. And she likes musk-oxen. Nobody who loves musk-oxen can be bad.)

We’ll hopefully have some more pendants available in the future–I’m contemplating doing Biting Pears, although I’ll have to tweak the design to go so small, and we’re looking at some of the glass-pendant-prints in the near future, involving the Happy Barn Owl and Teeny Lovebird designs. Definitely look forward to more cool stuff from Foxloft and Red Wombat in the future!

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