With wonderful timing, just as I finish the print orders–you can still order, but do it now! Next week is last call!–currently on the pile, and am leaning back going "Phew! Sixty some orders, done! I rock!"–my publisher dropped the art edits for Wurstbreath into my in-box.

Fortunately there’s not many compared to the earlier books, and they’re only having to cut and squeeze a little to make the layouts fit–Ninja frogs was heavily squeezed by comparison–so the work will only take a couple of days. (The last month or so, despite being so busy, has felt almost like a vacation, since I’ve just been waiting to hear back about this and the Batbreath manuscript, and haven’t had any Dragonbreath in front of me to work on right this minute. If you were wondering why I was getting all these originals done, that’s the reason.)

And now, to mail stuff and drop off stuff at the gallery, and then, perchance, to Wurst…

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