Re-read The Mote in God’s Eye yesterday–read it back in college, but not since. Man, that’s still a classic. (Pity about the sequel…) I dreamed about aliens, which wasn’t surprising, but the rest was a nonsensical jumble of wandering between large tents and solemn discussions of nothing in particular.

I was actually inspired to re-read it because of a line in Pratchett’s Hat Full of Sky, when the Feegles are describing various worlds they’ve traveled to, and one says something about a world where people have five different bodies for doing different jobs, and a huge left hand just for opening pickle jars. I’m not sure if I got that the first read-through, but something clicked on the most recent one, and I went "Dude! The Feegles are talking about Moties!"  Which was awesome.

My tolerance for hard sf with military twinges has apparently improved since my college days–I wasn’t skimming large sections to get back to the aliens–so that’s nice. On the other hand, I think that probably hit my limit for the next six months, and now I have to go read something floofy with unicorns.

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