Today I reached the halfway point on the art for Dragonbreath 3! 76 down…76 to go.

Also I took more photos of garden bugs. This led to a phone call to Kevin that went something like this:

URSULA: I have a hypothetical question.
KEVIN: Yeeeeeess?
URSULA: Absolutely hypothetically, if somebody were to be out in the garden taking photos and did not apply bug spray and was maybe, to use an example completely at random, taking a photo of a spicebush swallowtail on the mint…
KEVIN: Uh-huh.
URSULA: …and that person stood in a seed tick nest, would it happen to look like a whole bunch of little black dots surrounded by slightly reddened rings?
KEVIN: Lots of little black dots, yup.
KEVIN: You’re going to scream and run around now, aren’t you?

He brought me Benadryl spray. So that was mostly okay.

Anyway, that aside, more photos! Today I started mucking about with raw files, and I gotta say, there really is a significant difference in output if you’re willing to muck with them in that state. It’s all color and exposure and whatnot, but you can totally tell if you pull two files up next to each other.

The good ones are on my Flickr, my favorite is uploaded to DeviantArt:

Bee on Hyssop

(I do not need a macro lens, I do not need a macro lens, I do not need a macro lens…)

Also! I am told that marketing for Book Two of Dragonbreath will include–drumroll please–TEMPORARY TATTOOS! I’m stoked.

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