New Camera


It’s so…so…SHINY!

It was too dark to be taking photos, so these are pretty dark, but dude! Dude!

  Look at the detail on these green jellybean tomatoes! I mean, clicky through and LOOK. Dude! And that’s not even the full size of the file! I can see the little hairs, man! THE HAIRS!

Okay. I’m okay. I just haven’t had a good camera in…um…well, ever, actually. Many, MANY thanks to Graydon of Dubious Prospects for patiently laying out all the pros and cons in exhaustive detail and then taking pity of me and effectively saying "Buy this one." 

This is what one third of my garden bed looks like, in the gloom. Or gloaming. I wish I could gloam.

It’s got black-eyed susans, some texas sage, that’s a pink pepperbush (mostly shot) in the background, a little late season dianthus around the base of the birdbath, some french lavender behind that, some chocolate snakeroot and confederate jasmine in the background, and random liatris throughout. That’s a rather battered Water Wiggler in the birdbath to keep the mosquito larvae from taking hold, and it’s slumped to one side in the torrential rain of the last few weeks, but I’m not gonna bother to prop it back up until it dries out a little.

Oh, and it’s a Pentax K2000 SLR digital camera. With, um, lenses. And stuff. And it was more money than I was going to spend, but…well…it’s a business expense, and…uh…god, so SHINY….

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