Blarrgh. Persistent hangover today, whether from the allergy attack or the Benadryl, I don’t know. It’s not that I’m in any pain, it’s just that there’s a fractional mental echo on everything, as if I’m shouting my thoughts down a short hallway. (I’ve been in states where it was a very loooong hallway, and occasionally off the edge of a canyon–this isn’t that bad.) Still, it’s vaguely aggravating and shoots my decisiveness in the foot completely. Good day to play not terribly complex computer games, bad day to do anything productive.

Hopefully tomorrow will be back to normal. I have to take Ben into the vet, he’s shaking his head a lot and has started acting a little weird at his food, which says "ear infection" to me or possibly a problem with one of his few remaining teeth. (Swear to god, for a cat that’s sixteen pounds of attitude, he has a more delicate constitution…)

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