Owl Dream

I had a dream last night, right on the edge of waking up, that looked like it was going to be awesome. I was looking out the window, and an enormous owl landed on a snag right outside it. "A great grey owl!" I thought. "I’m so lucky to see one!"

Closer examination revealed that it was not actually a great grey owl. It looked more like the owl from Secret of Nimh, complete with weird mustache, and it was wearing an elaborate goggled headdress and a cloak with inset enameled panels in blue and purple. It held out a claw and beckoned me, then turned to fly away.

I went through the window–the glass ceased to exist–and followed. It was towing? or somehow leading? what appeared to be a bright crimson tortoise shell with gold barding. That flew. I climbed on, and we flew through the forests to a particular hollow tree. The owl flattened itself out like a cat and went into the tree through a hole. I followed, turning into a cat in the process (I was a Siamese of some sort) and crawled into the tree, which opened up near the top into a sort of chamber.

"Now what?" I asked the owl (thinking Oh god, this is so awesome, this is going to be seriously cool…)

"We wait for them to arrive," said the owl sternly.

And I woke up. I could feel the dream fraying, I could feel that Angus had decided to relocate and lay in the small of my back with his head on my butt (this is dreadfully uncomfortable for me, but he seems to like it) and I tried desperately to stay asleep, but the tree and the cloaked owl all unraveled, and I was in bed with Kevin in the bathroom muttering curses on the city that requires him to get up at that hour.

Damn. That was gonna be a good one, too.

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