Whew. Okay. Con is over, Con recuperation is over…time to resume Life As I Know It.

This is always a little difficult for me after cons–it’s not exactly let-down, per se, it’s more like I’ve been working towards this one event for a month, and now it takes a bit to slide back into normal day-to-day functioning. Lord knows, I have plenty to do–there’s the small matter of all those illustrations for Book 3 of Dragonbreath!–and I always find cons rather inspiring, so there’s art I’d like to do on my own, it’s just a matter of getting out of event-prep-brain and back into normal-brain.

Meanwhile, the garden continues to grow–I’ve got a weed infestation in the middle, some kind of nasty matting grass, but it’s a lot easier to de-weed a garden than a reef tank, so it doesn’t bother me that much. (At least grass can’t retract into the dirt!) I’ve been yanking chunks out every time I water, so it’s slowly diminishing. The black-eyed susans on one side of the yard have popped, as have the liatris, and the pineapple sage are huge and torso-sized. The garden looks a little ragged and fallen over–everything’s kinda leaning to the right, owing to the way the rain hits it–but next year, when I actually put in cages and everything’s more established, it’s gonna be awesome.

At least one of the trumpet coral may actually survive–it perked up after the feeding, and even had a tentacle out this morning. I’ll give them a day and then do another shrimp feeding tomorrow, see if I can coax them back from the brink.

Anyway, the other thing that comes with return from the con is the post-con art dump, so let’s kick it off with what turned out to be one of my two big sellers!

Blue Otter Triptych

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