Okay, super-sleuths, I have a question for you.

What the heck is this?

Supposedly it was filmed in the sewers under Cameron Village, a shopping district here in Raleigh, but bugger if I know what to make of those things. (Let me state categorically that I can’t rule out viral marketing or anything else, and I know no details, although I will say that A) strange living sewer blob is not exactly the marketing system that yuppified Cameron Village would go for, and B) Raleigh seems like a weird place for viral marketing to start.)

Obviously it’s alive. The third one seems to have some kind of slender, rigid thing sticking out in the upper right, which it retracts–reminds me rather of the siphon on my Nassarius snail, but could be anything.

Mostly I’m just wondering what they ARE. It moves a little like my soft coral move, so if there’s some kind of freshwater anemone-ish sort of thing, I could see this as a tightly closed version, except that I’ve never heard of such a thing. So I appeal to you, O vast network of knowledge…what could those BE?

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