I will not wallow in neurosis. I will not wallow in neurosis. People will show up. Even if it’s just my usual posse–and god, someday I’m giving you all originals in sheer gratitude for always showing up to these things–there will be people there.

(To recap–Chapel Hill Comics, 1-3 pm, Dragonbreath signing.)

To distract myself, please allow me to reveal my secret shame to the internet–for the last month or so, I’ve been playing Howrse. Yes, it is a virtual pet sort of thing, although in this case, it’s virtual horse breeding. It is terribly girly of me. My inner 11-year-old-girl gets ten or fifteen minutes a day to play at breeding virtual winged Fresians. (Hey, it’s free. You don’t have to judge me, I’m already judging myself.)

However, since I know nobody on there, and it’s always nice to know if one’s shame is shared, I’m Wombat, so if you find yourself in that direction, drop me a line! (Or tell them I sent you if you sign up!) 

And now, back to neurosis…

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