I just took a shower in my very own tiled bathroom.

It’s our first job, and yeah, we committed a couple of atrocities of grout* here and there, but damnit, it’s awesome.

Last night, I used the toilet in there. Repeatedly, might I add!

This doesn’t sound that exciting unless you’ve ever had a bathroom out of commission, in which case you really start to appreciate the luxury of having one right there, instead of having to go up and down the stairs at all hours of the night. (The kid’s bathroom is down the hall, but it is also primarily used by two small boys, and I would rather take the stairs. Kevin tells me that their aim has improved significantly with age, which is alarming in its implications.)

Reattaching the toilet went off without a hitch, fortunately–Kevin’s installed toilets before and knew what he was doing, but there’s always that exciting possibility of flooding. But the room remained dry, and is now usable! Next weekend, once everything’s completely cured, we do a full cleaning and caulking and whatnot.

In the meantime, there is random squeeing whenever we wander in there.

*In unrelated news, my next band will be called "Atrocities of Grout."

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