Took a long drive today, out to Kernersville, and a nice little fish store there.   They had the biggest clam I have ever seen. Seriously. This thing was…I mean…it was…like…two feet long. And brilliantly iridescent crazy colors. It was AMAZING.

Got some very nice little frags–the guy working was so excited that somebody came in owing to word of mouth that he threw in a couple of extra frags. So I have two more wee colonies of electric green zoas*, a gorgeous colony of orange with red fringe, some big dark-red-and-green palys, and a single polyp of a yellow-orange-with-green-fringe zoa.

I also got a small candy cane! That’s the one other type I’ve been planning on adding. The tank is now pretty well stocked, except for the occasional small zoa that I’ll no doubt add as I encounter ’em…I don’t have anything in blue. I could use some blue.

Everybody’s grumpy and closed up from being manhandled around at the moment, but hopefully they’ll forgive me by tomorrow.

*Which started as one colony grown onto two rocks, but while I was turning the rocks trying to figure out where to glue, the single polyp uniting them picked a side. Ideally one uses a razorblade, not clumsiness, but hey, whatever works…

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