So I went out to lunch with a friend passing through, and since I was out anyway, and had just gotten paid, I had this notion to drop by "Beggars & Choosers" which is a sort of vintage clothes/antique/random stuff store that is only open at really weird hours, and despite living here for about six months, I hadn’t yet caught it open when I was out and about, except once briefly with Kevin, at a time when I wasn’t really into trying on random clothes.

So I drop in, thinking "Hey, maybe I’ll find something that might be fun to wear at a con." (I have really gotten into the dressing up for cons thing. It’s like you have carte blanche to wear any weird thing you want, which is…well, a surprising amount of fun, really. I was never into playing dress-up as a child, so I have no idea how to explain this recent renassaince in my thinking. Possibly it has something to do with actually feeling attractive, but also a great deal with the absurd.)

So I was roaming around the clothes, chuckling at some of the horrors, mourning the lizardskin cowboy boots that were a size too large, and generally enjoying myself, and then I saw this…thing.

You know how sometimes you see something on the rack and you go "Man, I’d never wear that…" and then you try it on anyway, just to prove that you’re right and you never WOULD wear it, it’s going to look just as hideous on as you think it will, and it probably won’t fit anyway?


…Annnnnnd that’s how I wound up with a black velvet ballgown, and by "ballgown" I mean, "Yes, Goth Cinderella, you shall go to the ball!" (Not quite as frothy in the skirts, but not far off. Top is a black velvet bodice thing that fits like a glove, and then it…poofs. I could have hips the size of a minivan and you couldn’t tell it in that skirt. Very dramatic with the tattoos and the black and white hightop sneakers, let me tell you.)

I dithered for a few minutes–when the hell am I going to wear a friggin’ BALLGOWN?–but then again,  it fits so well! And at thrift store prices…and…well…

On the bright side, about fifteen years too late, I finally have a great outfit for prom. 

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