I feel good about life today.

Most of this is the joy of finally getting paid some of my advance on the third book, which allows me to get through the next couple of months without getting a job at the local A&W. Part of it is having sushi for lunch. (Not amazing sushi, but for lunch sushi prices, hey, no complaints.) Part of it is the two coral frags I bought in celebration–one ricordea and one wee little frag of bright green zoas, which the guy gave me a deep discount on, probably for having cleavage in the middle of a sale.

Part of it, however, is Ben, who is a new cat these days, now that his mouth isn’t bothering him. He’s back to sleeping on the bed, the Immovable Object, being just as inconveniently heavy as when Kevin and I started dating, and waking me up in the morning by walking around on my pillow and knocking things deliberately off the dresser and onto the floor. Once I wake up, there is generally snuggling, and then demands of being FED NOW.

Furthermore, yesterday I caught him eating hard food! I’ve been feeding him gooshy food, as per vet orders, and once his mouth healed up, St. Kevin of Assisi was hand-feeding him hard cat treats occasionally to see if he was interested. Yesterday I’d run out of the gooshy food in the morning, and went out to get some. When I came back, Ben was suspiciously absent from the kitchen, and I finally found him hunched over the bowls where the other cats eat, nomming down the hard food.

He’s still getting his gooshy food, of course,but it’s nice to see.

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