Small Amusements

Went in to check on Kevin, who is sleeping the sleep of the heavily medicated, with the beagle snuggled up to his legs.

On the floor by the bedroom door, the border collie is laying down, and Smokey the Siamese has his head pillowed on the collie’s muzzle and one paw on his neck.

The cat is fast asleep. The dog is awake, and when I looked down at him, he gave me a wide-eyed "Crap, what do I do NOW?" look and thumped his tail. But he was careful not to move, so as not to wake the cat, since, y’know, he’s a border collie and such things are Not Done.

I left him pinned.

The stone hasn’t passed yet, but Kevin says the pain is less and lower, so it’s hopefully on its way out.

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