Digger Is FREE!

Behold! Digger has her own website! No subscription wall!

Huge thanks to D.C. McQueen for getting the site all set up for me–could NOT have done it without her. And, of course, to Joey Manley who decided that it was time for Digger to fly free.

I wandered into the bedroom last night, having just gotten the news that Digger was live, gimlet in hand, singing "Born freeeee…."

It is a sign that Kevin loves me that he did not run screaming into the night–my singing skills are like an injured manatee trying to call for help in Whale.

"Freeee as the grass growwwws…."

"How’s that gimlet treating you?"

"Free as the wind blowwwwws…."

"Feeling no pain, I see."

"Free as a gaaaaarden hose….."

"Oh lord."

Go forth! Read Digger for free in all its entirety! Have a convenient spot to order the print collections! Link somewhat more easily to the new URL! (Recent subscribers to Graphic Smash, talk to Joey re: subscriptions–I don’t have anything to do with that end…)

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