It snowed last night. Despite the weather service warning of COMING ARCTIC APOCALYPSE, and the resulting major run on French toast supplies, toilet paper, and chicken, we only got between one and two inches. Which is sitting over top of mud,like white cream-cheese frosting on undercooked chocolate fudge cake.

…I should really start eating breakfast BEFORE I make these posts.

Since it’s already on the high side of freezing this morning, it’s complete slop out there. Kevin’s working from home, his kids are home for snow days, so there’s no reason for anybody to go anywhere until tomorrow morning, when I drive Ben in for his teeth pulling appointment. Hopefully the roads will be cleared by then, although honestly, it’s looking like the driveway is probably the worst of the driving.

Occasional flakes are still drifting down, but I’m pretty sure they’re being blown off the trees.

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