Two–possibly more–pest anemones came in with the live rock. (Not particularly unexpected–Otter warned me it was likely.) 

There’s a couple of methods of control, mostly involving shooting poison or boiling water into them, but since they live in holes and can retract at high speed, this is tricky. And involves me handling poison and boiling water, and We All Know How That’s Going To End, Don’t We?

CSI #1: Well, as near as we can reconstruct the scene, she was attempting to shoot boiling poison into an anemone, and then she suddenly had an idea for a painting, tripped on a live chicken that had somehow gotten into the studio, and shot herself in the eye.
CSI #2: Man, that anemone poison was strong stuff!
CSI #1: Not really, no. It just made her scream and flail a lot. Unfortunately, she flailed directly into the tank.
CSI #2: You mean…
CSI #1: Yup. The bristleworms got her.

Alternately, I could get a peppermint shrimp, which is known to eat ’em, but it’s a pretty big shrimp for a pretty small tank, so I have to check and see if it would be happy in there.

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