It’s an addiction, man. Can’t…stop…painting….

Angel & Devil Phalloi

I am resisting–so far–the brilliant and nefarious suggestion of World of Warcraft themed phalloi, both because I don’t want to get sued and because the world is NOT READY for little shaman phalloi dropping totems about and frost shocking with their little nubbly feet, and don’t get me started on "epic mounts" in this context.

Besides, I haven’t played in like two years. And also it’s kinda hard to put armor on those things. And you can’t just do generic armor, because then people will demand to know why you didn’t put the epic purple Tier 3 Epaulets of Erection on them, or worse yet, the generic will accidentally resemble something that’s warlock exclusive and this is clearly a hunter phalloi (note pet hiding behind things, trying not to make eye contact with the other pets) and what am I thinking, didn’t I research this stuff at all?

Yes. These are good reasons. I will be strong. Yes.

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