A largely uneventful few days–the only significant point being hitting the halfway point on art for Ninjabreath! (Yaaaay! Seventy down, only seventy more to go. That’s seventy in a month, which is a pretty gruelling pace, but I’ve been keeping up pretty well. I allotted three months this time for the art, since I realized I was going to slow down towards the end, out of pure mental exhaustion…) I celebrated by cleaning my studio and framing up some art that needed framing. This doesn’t sound very celebratory, I grant you, but it wasn’t drawing little cartoon dragons, so it was a party.

My plague has mostly subsided, except for the lingering Cough of Doom. Kevin, however, finally got it and is now wallowing deep in the hinterlands of illness. He keeps trying to kill it with spicy food. I dunno if that works, or if you just spend time coughing on the toilet, but hey, to each their own cures.

My Mt. Airy witch hazel has buds all over it, and my red chokecherry is sending wild twiggy bits out everywhere. The deciduous holly is a little less demonstrative, but seems to be waking up as well. Once we get another warm patch, I’ll get the rest of the bareroot shrubs in the ground.

The only other thing of note is that I’m finally working on setting up the fish tank I got for Christmas. My buddy Otter has been trying to get me into saltwater reef-keeping for ages, and I was trying to resist–I recognize an addiction when I see one! She tempted me with frags of her coral like a crack dealer waving rocks at someone. (They’re such pretty rocks…) But then she hauled off and GAVE me one of her old 6 gallon nano-cubes for Christmas.

This is well beyond giving someone crack, and more akin to giving someone a meth lab. Not being made of stone, I succumbed. Nano-reef keeping has come down dramatically in both price and difficulty in the last few years, if one is to believe the literature, and indeed, with the tank having been donated, set up cost me less than sixty bucks. Being on an artist budget, I am limited to the very low end, which is a GOOD THING. (Some of those corals are unbelievably spectacular, and unbelievably priced to go with it…if Otter wasn’t donating some frags, I wouldn’t dare start.) All I want is some zoo coral and maybe a hairy mushroom. And a firefish. The firefish are awesome looking, and cheap enough that I won’t slit my wrists if it eventually succumbs.

I am also being offered a "sexy shrimp" which sounds like some kind of cocktail you’d get at Red Lobster, but which is apparently a small cleaner crustacean which does a little dance, hence the name. (This I gotta see.) 

And if ten years from now, I am spending a stupid proportion of my income on starfish, and fretting over the color of my coral, you can look back at this post as the beginning of the end…

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