My organizational skills are dreadful–all my sketches are in one vast folder called "Sketchbook"–but they do have one advantage. The time I spend looking for something that I know I sketched but now I can’t remember what the hell I called it–a reasonably common experience–allows me to trip over stuff I’ve totally forgotten that was half-finished. Sometimes I finish them (the Seedmage, for example) but more often I never will, but figure I’ll share what I’ve got, just to amuse any on-lookers.

Unfinished Precious Kali

I have so many sketches that when Red Wombat Studio’s new site launches–hopefully February 1st, possibly a day or two after that, depending on scheduling–I’m thinking maybe I’ll kick it off with a Month ‘O Sketches to get people used to visiting it–a new sketch every day, some of them brand new, some from the bowels of the Sketchbook file. We’ll see how it goes…

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