Man, today is productive as all get out. The first draft of Dragonbreath 2 is nearly done. (Yay!) Working on a Digger and getting some solid stuff done on a commission as well.

I shall choose to believe that getting lots of stuff done on the first work-day of the new year is a good omen for the year to come. Hopefully this evening I’ll get the re-direct page put together for the new website–Kevin is still aiming to have it up by February 1st, so here’s hoping.

It looks like we’re going to change the name of the site to Red Wombat Studio. There’s a certain peril associated with re-naming artistic ventures–I’ve been at Metal & Magic since ’97 or so, and I hate to lose any name recognition it might have gotten!–but it’s got less to do with a desire for change and more for convenience in website rehashing–the Metal & Magic backend is still owned and administrated by my ex-husband, and although he’s totally been great about working with me on it and giving me all the passwords and whatnot I need, it’s just plain EASIER on an overhaul this big to start from the ground up instead of having to navigate all the existing stuff, since it’s also hosting my parents, my ex-mother-in-law, and both his and my e-mail. The maze of permissions etc is excessive, we’re changing the hosting and we don’t want to dump everybody else, and it’s generally too much bother when I could just make a clean break and throw up a re-direct page.

Besides which, I’ve been doing the Red Wombat tea thing for awhile now, and I’m just as happy to change it to that. I’m pretty sure everybody mostly knows me via "You know, that Ursula Vernon person," rather than the name of my website ANYWAY, and the re-direct can stay up for years if need be.

So that’s the state of Ursula. There is a beagle snoozing at my feet, and Kevin’s home-made chili for dinner tonight, so life is good.

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