The Prodigal Returns

Yaaaay! Smokey was in the attic after all!

Four days, and we’d started to give up hope–figured he slipped out of the house somehow and was long gone. Kevin had a trap in the attic, which remained unsprung. There was no response to calling and food looked nibbled, but not attacked, so I was suspecting mice.

But nope, last night, when Kevin opened the door, there was Smokey. Whether he was having too much fun to come out, or was just too damn dumb to know how to get from where he was (under the eaves, probably) to the door, it’s impossible to say. But he’s back, and apparently none the worse for wear. He wandered around, loving on everybody, much to the consternation of both Ben and the beagle. ("This concept of Wuv confuses and infuriates us!" ) drank a great deal of water, and now appears to be back to business as usual.

Meanwhile, I need to go buy a new suitcase.

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