Cat Update

Ben is obviously feeling better–very snuggly, and he plowed into his food like a trooper today. Mind you, he was sitting on my lap, and Kevin had fluffed up the wet food on a dish and brought it in to him–might as well have a sprig of parsley on top–and I held the dish for him while he ate. Such is the spoiling of the sick Ben. (Needless to say, he doesn’t appreciate it, but merely accepts it as something we should of course have been doing for him all along.)

In other cat news, Smokey the Siamese has Gone Missing. It’s been about a day and a half. He doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the house. There’s a chance he could be in the attic, but food left up there has been untouched. He could also have gotten into the garage, so we’re trying that next.

If that fails, and he doesn’t turn up on the doorstep mowling, Kevin will get out the live traps. He’s an indoor cat, very friendly, but he did start life as a street cat, so he’s probably doing fine even if he got outside. Still, it’s weird behavior for him to vanish like that. Hopefully he’ll turn up again soon.

Ben’s getting boarded while we’re off to see my folks in Michigan, so that he can keep getting soft food and get a check-up–the designated beast sitters did not sign up for several daysof wrangling a feline demon, and I would not inflict it ‘pon them. I sort of wonder how Angus will deal with the love of his life vanishing for most of a week. Whose butt will he sleep on? The horror!

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