Supporting the CBLDF

Hey, gang!

In light of the recent discussions of free speech–and for a gorgeous tackling of the "even one child" fallacy, go read Mr. Gaiman’s blog–we’ve got two tidbits for you.

First of all, the fabulous and fantastic C. E. Murphy, aka mizkit  is launching her new comic, "Take a Chance" and donating half the proceeds from sales of the first issue to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. You can pre-order the comic from her website or via comic book stores that carry Diamond. (I can testify that the writing is good–I almost wound up working on it, and if I hadn’t succumbed to impossible schedule failure….This is a project that I suspect I may find myself kicking myself for missing in years to come, which may tell you something right there.) Buy a good comic, support a good author, help a good cause.

Secondly, since ’tis the season, Toys for Tots has a problem. They have gifts for toddlers. That’s not a problem. What they DON’T get nearly enough of–ever–is stuff for tween and teens, particularly boys. (This is a common problem for most charities distributing kid’s toys apparently–there’s tons of baby stuff and nothing for older kids.)

Enter the noble comic book.

(Alternately, let me point out that a certain wombat-related comic makes for excellent donation material. Okay, I’m done. Had to do it. Very sorry.) 

So consider donating comic books, and hey, for all we know, it’ll stack a jury in our favors when our comic autobiographies come out twenty years hence and we have to defend ourselves…

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