At some point this weekend, it became full-on fall.

I think I missed it. I know I was working in my studio at various points in the weekend, I know I went out, but for some reason this morning I looked out the studio window and went "WHOA! When did that happen?!" Everything’s going gold and orange and burgandy–still with green undertones, but it’s past the tipping point into what my brain reads as "Fall Colors." I’m sure it didn’t sneak up on me–I can’t imagine the trees were lurking, ninja-like, until my back was turned, and then suddenly changed their leaves, perhaps with little tree-y screams of "Pink Maple Blinds The Tiger!" and "Chromatic Crane Falls From Above!" or whatever trees would call that particular move.*

Colors, not unsurprisingly–and painting, and interior decorating guilt–are the basis of this month’s Wombat Droppings column over at EMG-Zine.

*This is a better image than the first one that came to mind, which involved the trees looking awfully constipated, and which my brain furnished with disturbing sound effects.

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