Wow, I just got recognized!

I was at the art supply store, buying gessboard and indanthrene blue–which I keep pronouncing in my head as "indanthere,"  which sounds like some kind of giant prehistoric herbivore*–and as the young woman behind the counter checked to see if I was on the mailing list, she paused.

"Ursula Vernon?"


"Do you–are you the one who does the gearworld stuff?"

"That’s me…"

"Oh my god! I’ve been following your stuff on-line for ages!"

Now, this doesn’t sound different from any other polite fangirling, I grant you, but I mention it because this is the first time someone on the street has heard my name and recognized me in Real Life, as opposed to conventions (where one might assume a population selected to be aware of me) or knew me from having met me somewhere else at some point and just having a really good memory.**

So I was flattered.

*The indanthere is dark blue and weighs upwards of two tons. Primarily a grazer, it is is not above browsing on tender shoots and twigs. While mostly placid-tempered, it can be aggressive and highly lightfast when roused.

**It may not top running into one of the Taxman print buyers at a party, but I’m chalking that up to friend of a friend networking, rather than completely random statistical event, because otherwise that would totally boggle the mind.

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