Wasabi Follow-Up


The Wasabi smooch I was talking about? Still fabulous, but it had one…err…unexpected side-effect.

It’s a salt scrub, and for whatever reason of acidity or chemistry, it…um…bleaches. Hair. Since I was using it as an exfoliant down south…

Yup. Parts of my landing strip are now peroxide blond. (Not all of it–forgive TMI, but it primarily seems to affect hairs that may come in contact with urine, so presumably it’s some chemical synergy of salt and ammonia or uric acid or whatever.)

The sugar scrubs, like Ginger Snapped, did NOT have this side-effect.

Kevin thought this was hysterically funny, of course, and tried to point out that some day, it’d ALL be white, time and aging coming to us all. I rejected this bit of chicken soup for the soul with less than total grace, I suspect.

You’ve been warned.

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