Scent Blogging!

I realize it’s been a long time, what with the move and all, since I did any scent blogging,* but I had to share the latest.

I’ve been using the Villainess Smooch! products for exfoliating the naughty bits, as per a reader suggestion, and let me say, this actually works REALLY well. I haven’t had a tenth of the ingrown hair problem since I started using it, but when I ran out a week ago and hadn’t been using it, I promptly acquired three. So I recommend the stuff highly, particularly if you’re in the habit of shaving your nether regions and don’t really want to subject the area to the tender mercies of a loofah.

Works well on the face, too.

Generally I use the Ginger Snapped smooch, which is a sort of aggressive cinnamon-and-ginger scent that I enjoy. But in the spirit of experimentation, I picked up "Wasabi" and tried it out this morning.

And you know, I rather like it. It’s less wasabi and more a very sharp green-tea-and-citrus, with black pepper notes. It’s pretty powerful and astringent, but it’s a very clean, sharp smell. I went ahead and ordered the Whipped! body cream version. ("Smashing," the pumpkin and ginger version, is absolutely my favorite, but it’s been discontinued, so I’m having to find replacements. This isn’t remotely similiar, but it’s a nice change.) 

Readers may ask, at this point, exactly WHY I would want my genitals to smell like wasabi, to which I will simply say "Dude. If you’d ever seen Kevin at a sushi bar, you would not be asking." Kevin does sushi the way some people do heroin, and at roughly the same pricetag. He is the sort of person who asks the sushi chef "What do you have today that’s interesting?" and will wind up with bizarre stuff that they don’t put on the menu. I used to be a straightforward California roll/tuna roll/kappa roll woman, but Kevin has expanded my sushi horizons to areas that I didn’t neccessarily want it expanded.** Although I do have to admit, the flying fish roe with quail egg on top was pretty cool.

So, in conclusion, if Villianess made a wasabi and pickled ginger body scrub, I would be slathering that stuff on, and Kevin would probably be late for work four days out of five. That is all.

*For some of you, I know, not nearly long enough.

**Don’t be fooled. "It’s like pudding! Pudding that tastes like the ocean!" as a description of sea urchin leaves out the key bit about it being heart-stoppingly vile.

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