So much to do, so few braincells…

I’m feeling a bit like the Red Queen at the moment–no, not the "Off with her head!" bits, the bit she tells Alice, about having to run as fast as you can, just to stay where you are.* The seriously packed state of everything isn’t helping, the existence of my old apartment, still with some stuff in it, just plain depresses me, and the huge pile of print orders to start getting through (although I really can’t complain about THAT, since y’all’s kindness paid for Mr. Printy, and hopefully you’ll bear with me while I get the printing re-up-and-running, and start getting these orders out over the next coupla weeks.) 

Plus Dragonbreath needed twenty more illustrations, (for which they are paying me, but of course they wanted them yesterday) plus there’s so much work still to be done on the house, plus I’m getting these commissions worked on this month if it bloody well kills me, because it is More. Than. Time.

And I haven’t gotten any art done. My Deviantart gallery is gathering dust. Well, I mean, there’s a painting, but my scanner hasn’t arrived yet, more’s the pity.

Thing is, I realize in my heart of hearts that this is probably where I’ll be for the rest of my life–overloaded with projects and upcoming cons. (I hold out hope that someday I will be unpacked, though!) This is both a depressing thought and a weirdly uplifting one–I ALWAYS feel like this, so it does’t mean that I’m any deeper in the hole than usual, feeling like this. (Okay, a little deeper. There’s the unpacking, anyhow.)

Still, it won’t get done by blogging about it, so back to work!

*There’s actually an evolutionary theory called the Red Queen hypothesis, based on this principle in competition.

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