(Please note, I am pissy this morning and have PMS and haven’t gotten laid all week, and these things are making me GRUMPY so this is not as careful and politic a rant as I usually try for. Sorry.)

Swear to god, if I hear one more thing about how the media is being unfair to Palin…

You know what, guys? It. Doesn’t. Matter. The right’s been claiming there’s a liberal media for…longer than I’ve been alive, actually. You’d think they’d have adapted by now. But no, every time the media starts asking questions about somebody, they start screaming about the liberal media again, as if this is a new and shocking development.

Did you really, honestly think that a woman and a complete unknown would be introduced and the press would NOT start acting like a pack of sharks on Free Chum Day?

Sheesh, if you can’t pull up your big-boy (and big-girl) pants and deal with the PRESS, I’m not exactly sanguine about your dealing with, y’know, stuff that actually MATTERS. Terrorism is unfair. Global warming is unfair. Hurricanes are unfair. Economic downturn is unfair. The world will be brutal and unkind to you, and you don’t get to stomp your feet and say "The world is being unfair!" 

Well, actually you can. We call that "whining."

Whining is not a coping strategy, people. A frequently hostile press is part of what you deal with as president. All this sniveling about how unfair they’re being is WHINING. It was whining back when Clinton did it over Monica, it was whining when Hillary did it–and she did a little of it, I’m willing to admit, and yes, the press was cruel and unfair to her at points*–and it’s whining when McCain/Palin does it.

Yes, the press is often unfair. They’re sensationalistic, and yes, we all know they’re often liberal.  And they love a feeding frenzy like nobody’s business, and they will dig up every scrap of dirt known to humankind, because that is their nature.

Suck it up. Did you think they would love you? Do you think that ANY reporter, finding a chink that could bring down ANY candidate, wouldn’t leap on that with both feet, whooping like a common loon with a throat condition?

If this comes as a surprise, you’re idiots.
If this catches you flat-footed, you’re inept.

Shut. Up. And. Deal.

You’ve had YEARS to figure this out. If you don’t have a better coping strategy by now than crying about it, why should I believe you’ll get a coping strategy for anything?

There are ways to deal with the press, but public whining is the least and lamest of them. Can y’all kindly get off your asses and get a better strategy that doesn’t involve all this snivelling? 

Mind you, I think we’ve gotten way too verbally pansy in our politics, and I sometimes long for the days when we could scream obscenities at each other across the parlimentary floor, because it bred for politicians that could think on their feet instead of cowering in the arms of the speechwriters.

It’s pissing me off this morning.

And I think I want chocolate.

*Arguably it was her supporters that did not neccessarily handle it well, a lot of ’em–the damn campaign has been going on so long, I’ve half forgotten if the Clinton camp did anything but ignore the more stumbling sexism as anything but beneath contempt–but that’s water under the bridge.  Still, there WAS whining, and let me assure y’all that I found it just as annoying coming from my side as I do from the Republicans.

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