I live!

It was a good weekend. The studio is finally wallpaper free, and was spackled and painted. It’s now…well, I was going for "warm adobe" and somehow wound up with "creamsicle" but it’s a nice color anyway. (Next month, the uterus pink will fall!) The painting was actually complete cake–I had expected it to be a lot more difficult, since the wallpaper was so utterly gruelling, but it only took a few hours, and I was left holding a paint roller and going "Wait–wait–I’m done? What? Hell, I can do more than that! Where’s another room? Let me at it!"

So, with studio in place, time to start hauling in bookcases. In two weeks, I move the computer and cats over, and then I’ll be officially living there, (yay!) and it’s just a matter of transferring Vast Quantities of Stuff a chunk at a time from my apartment. Last weekend of the month,a truck is rented and the big furniture goes. (This means that we will no longer have radio silence on the weekends, so the blog will no longer miss such highlights as "What the parents do in the parking lot at cub scout meetings"* and "Dude, you wouldn’t believe this lizard I saw!" and so forth.)

Kevin is tolerating the invasion of his abode with great patience, by which I mean he is still professing delight.. This is a clear indication that he may be deranged. (He did unscrew all the switch plates in the room, though, after I blew a fuse by carelessly whacking live wires with a putty knife, and he seems to have moved into keeping sharp objects away from me after that embarassing incident with the butter knife.** Deranged, but apparently not completely out of touch with reality…)

The beagle, Gir, is delighted, spent the whole weekend wanting to be within armslength of me, and is covered in paint as a result. Nikki,one of the shyest cats in Kevin’s menagerie–a rescued feral terrified of women for unknown but probably bad reasons–has even started to warm up to me, and will grant me cautious sniffing and, if Kevin is already holding her, chin rubbing privileges. I feel absurdly flattered by her willingness to enter the same room, even if she runs away as soon as the dog looks at her.

And to my delight, I saw a blue grosbeak at the Labor Day cookout Kevin’s parents threw, so life is good!

*Move 100 feet from the building, hide behind a large object, and chain smoke, mostly.

**Well, incidents. Those things are trying to kill me.

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