Dang it.

I know I wrote this thing once, and I can’t find it. I only half-remember it–it was sort of a fantasy version of the problem with the cocaine trade, and there were trees going insane, but I’m digging through my random writing folder, and I can’t find it.

Mind you, there’s a lot of other stuff that will hopefully fit somewhere one of these days–the weird little writing fragment about the deranged unicorn ruler covered in mats who kept a bunch of tongueless virgins to brush him, and the one about the antlered doe (I don’t know why that image appeals to me, but I keep tripping over it) and the weird thing that kinda wanted to be a creepy Bluebeard story but got totally stolen by the hedgehog familiar and the slug dance. And that one comic script that contains the line “Any advice?” “Yes. Antelope women are not to be trusted.”

Can’t find the damn thing with the trees, though. I know I wrote it, but I have no idea where it went–whether it’s tacked on the end of something somewhere, or what. I mean, I have stuff from YEARS before that got written…just can’t find it.


I mean, it’s not like I really need it for anything, and god knows, I need another project at the moment like I need a lobotomy performed by a trained earwig, but I kinda wanted to poke it a little.

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