Just a heads up, gang–if you’re local, clear your calendars the evening for Monday, August 4th! My gallery show opens at Jordan Art Center in Cary, and there’s a little reception with the usual cheese and fruit plates and all that stuff. (No booze, alas, they don’t have a liquor license, but I may be hitting my flask of whiskey rather hard…)

I’m sort of terrified that no one will show up except me, as is the fate of many a gallery opening, so…um…if you’re around, please come by! Free cheese! Free terrified artist! OH GOD, SAVE ME!

Ahem. That was undignified. Still.

Meanwhile, I should be painting. (What, you thought the show was done already? HA!)

Also, I have this weird sense that at some point in the last few weeks, I promised Penguin seventy-odd illustrations in a month. I am not sure quite how that happened. Feel free to point and laugh, as such hubris undoubtedly deserves…

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