Went to a cookout at Kevin’s aunt and uncle’s yesterday. Had a blast. This was initially phrased as a chance for the extended family to meet me and give me the once-over, (fear!) but in the way of cookouts grew rather more sprawling, and then the selected weekend worked out for Kevin’s oldest to have a belated birthday, and so there was cake…a lot of cake…dangerous, dangerous cake…cake with peanut butter and caramel and whipped cream and ohgodsoRICH….

The once-over, in any case, was painless, particularly after I revealed my inability to cook. Kevin’s aunt apparently possesses the “Feed” gene, which triggers in the presence of hapless non-cooks. I was loaded up with leftovers, including beans and weenies (be afraid, cats!) tortellini, and the crowning glory, kielbasa in sauerkraut. (Ideally little choirs of angels with shredded cabbage wings should descend and sing hosannas when that phrase is uttered.) I have a week of lunches ahead of me.*

His uncle, who’s awesome, also presented me with a lovely drawing. He does cars very well. Including Nissan Altimas. Including illustrations of certain Nissan Altimas at key points in the last week during which the shock absorbers might have been tested. (I knew that warning at the start of that blog entry wouldn’t keep the man out…) When my scanner works, I shall inflict it upon you all, because I laughed hysterically, and it rendered Kevin very briefly speechless, which is a feat.

So a good time was had by all. I quite like Kevin’s family, and I’m not saying that merely because some of them read my blog. His mother is a nurse of many years and has many fascinating and revolting stories, and you know how I am. (“His brain was sticking out? AWESOME!”) Also, they ply me with alcohol.

On the drive home, Kevin turned to me and said “Well, it’s all over now. The pride has sniffed you over and accepted you as one of their own.”

There are worse fates.

*Made even better by the fact that some obscure conjuction of planets or phase of the moon has triggered Kevin’s home-cooking gene this week. I may get meatloaf out of the deal! Glory!

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