Hot damn! Was out at the mall in a desperate quest for bubble bath–I’m a grown woman, goddamnit, I can afford decent bubble bath, I am TIRED of the crap from the grocery store, I want something decadent, possibly made from asses’ milk,* and lo!

The Pants of Glory, which have been previously mentioned as making my ass look like a piece of sculpture, but which were $78 and thus ludicrously priced as far as I was concerned, were on sale! For a mere $24.99!

Life is good.

Also, I loaded up on cheap classic games at GameStop, so now I have bubble bath, hot jeans, classic Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia, and thus can face the remainder of the week with fortitude, or at least bubbles.

*Cleopatra was reputed to bathe in the stuff. I’ve never tried, so for all I know it’s awesome, although my desire to make really obvious jokes would almost certainly eclipse any benefit of the stuff to my skin.

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