More saints…and a somewhat disturbing discussion…

Cannot STOP with the saints. I think the lapsed Catholic buried in the sub-basement of my soul has been sitting on these for awhile. I mentioned this to Kevin….

K: “Maybe it’s trying to tell you something.”

U: “Looking over the art, it seems to be telling me that I like penises.”

K: …..

U: “Seriously, dude. Three of the four have phallic symbols, and the one I’m working on right now has a really big fish, if you know what I mean…”

K: *snicker*

U: “Ursula Vernon — Really Obvious Personal Symbolism Since 1977.”

Carlota agreed with me that the meaning is obviously that I consider cock to be divine, and went so far as to offer to found a church with me.  (I warned her that the suggested name “Church of the Cock and Spork” would alienate the male parishioners, though…) My buddy Kathy, on t’other hand, thinks they’re foodie saints, an interpretation I can also see as pretty valid. I suppose it’s all what you’re into.

St. Snargus here DOES have a really big fish, but that’s as far as I go.

St. Snargus and the Trout

(And while capybaras always look disdainful, I feel weirdly guilty about how happy the martyred trout looks…)

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