Actually, the title of the post probably says it all, but I’ll expound a bit, ‘cos I can.

I have not been posting about my politics because frankly, they don’t really matter. I’m an Obama supporter, but if Clinton had taken the nomination, I would have voted for her, because I’m a Democrat first and foremost (or, perhaps more accurately, I am anti-Republican first and foremost.) My politics have actually been largely moot throughout the primary, because whoever won, I’d vote for them, and so I haven’t bothered to blog about it.

Now, Clinton had plenty to recommend her, and I certainly would have liked a woman in the White House, on general principle. But in the long run, Obama spoke to that chunk of idealism that I have been trying to kill for years with alcohol and the Daily Show, and I voted for him as a result. I felt an enthusiasm for Obama, rather than the resignation that has largely characterized my political leanings, lo these many moons.

Still, if Hillary had won, I’d have bitten the bullet and said “She’s the candidate of my party, and I’ll vote for her.” Because if she got through the primary, she’s obviously competent, and furthermore, she’s what we’ve got. All the whining about if-my-candidate-loses-I’m-voting-for-McCain makes me roll my eyes painfully hard at the sour graping of it all, on both sides of the campaign. Suck it up, take your lumps. Hell, my candidate of first choice hasn’t made the primary ONCE in my entire voting history, (seriously–my first choice was Edwards. Well, actually my first choice was Kucinich, but c’mon, we knew THAT dog wasn’t gonna hunt, hot wife or not.) and I’ve sucked it up and voted for the nominee every time,* because that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Yes, like a lot of people, I’ve felt Clinton’s been distinctly ungracious in not conceding before now, or at least yesterday, when the math became so cut and dried. But I also think that there’s plenty of room for her to redeem herself still. She can still actually work for party unity, she can smooth over some of that sour graping and tell her supporters that what matters is the party, not the candidate, and if she does it with style and grace, I’ll salute her.**

The one thing I believe about politics is that like it or not, we’re all in this together.

So at the end of the day, while I’m glad that the candidate I liked won, I’m frankly a lot more glad that the goddamn primary is OVER, and SOMEBODY won, and we can focus on the really important thing, which is November.

And maybe I can turn on NPR and hear about a book club or a heartwarming tale of a heroic kitten or SOMETHING for a change…

*FINE, okay, I voted for Nader ONCE, alright? But I was in Minnesota at the time, and it’s not like the Democrats weren’t gonna pwn that state anyway. And I feel guilty over it. Talk about a barking moonbat…yeesh. Oh, well. I was young.

**If she insists on digging the corpse of the primary out of the grave and having it wander around, I’ll get awfully pissy, though. Please, god, just let it END…

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