Just when life seems really crappy, my friends and fanbase start makin’ me realize how much I love ’em.

To the couple people who’ve sent me extra for the unexpected shipping surcharges on the Taxman–damnit, you guys don’t have to do that, but your willingness to help save me from my own stupidity was sweet as hell.

To the bidders on my auctions–daaaayum, people!

And to my buddy Carl who sent me a couple of books for my birthday…thanks, man. That was really nice to get today. *sniffle*

And, of course, to my dear friend

, who took my moping about recent developments and started sending me links to RVs that I could convert into a mobile art studio/fortress, which wasn’t all that useful, but did cheer me up immensely. (I have visions of touring the country, but we all know I’d just find a nice state park in the area, buy a season pass, and park.)

And to

, just…cos…y’know.

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