Had a great Coffee Clatch meetup today. Met with buddies Brooke (aka

) and Larry beforehand, at Borders, and we engaged in the sort of conversation that generally causes people to give us a very wide berth in the science-fiction section.  (Look, we were talking about Laurell K. Hamilton, and…well…these things happen. Brooke and I are dangerous together. One of these days, we’ll wind up in a holding cell, cracking each other up, while our respective boyfriends listen to the charges against us with various expressions of resigned dismay, mild horror, and/or poorly hidden amusement.)(It would probably involve a bar. Or a bird. Or both. Or that erotic carwash place that Larry flatly refuses to drive through with us in the car, even though I keep telling him it’s research and I’ll pay for it.)

Anyway, I’d brought along a canister of the new Shoggoth Jasmine for Brooke, who is the marketing queen, and she got the barista to provide us with hot water so we could test it on the spot. And damn, that’s some pretty good tea. I can recommend it with great enthusiasm.

Then off to the Clatch, where I don’t THINK we horrified the nice librarian too much…I hope…hopefully the donation of a Nurk and the collected Digger will smooth that over…and a good time was had by all, even if Larry still insists on yankin’ my chain on certain topics. (Oh, well. He IS my nemesis, after all…) Saw a really cool Wacom tablet screen, as demoed by Jesse Justice (yes, it’s his real name) who does a comic about Mexican wrestling. I drool a bit out of geekery, but in honesty, my working system is defined by what I was using years ago, so I’m pretty well used to my wee little Intuos, and whenever I use a tablet PC, I find myself having difficulty seeing over my hand. Oh, well.

Tomorrow, Prince Caspian!

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