I lived!

The official analysis of my performance from two parties is that I sounded a little nervous at first, but settle down nicely afterwards. (And also, my boyfriend is totally awesome and called me immediately afterwards to reassure me that I did not sound like a raving loon. Whew.)

Me, I am pleased by three things.

A) I didn’t swear.
B) Gratuitous Nurk plugs!
C) I got Frank Stasio to say “Ninety percent of everything is crap” on air.

Also, when we went off air and I sagged into my chair and said “Oh thank god, I got through that without saying “fuck” once,” he started telling us a related story. I will treasure the memory of that lovely cultured voice uttering profanity* for a long time to come. (Now, if I can just get Bob Edwards or Garrison Keillor to curse in front of me, I will die a happy woman.)

We were leaving the recording booth when one of the producers cornered Steph and I. “Now! Which one of you threatened to throw your panties at Frank?”

Steph looked at me. I realized immediately that I was not going to get away with plausible deniability on this one–I suspect there is a wild streak to Steph somewhere, but I was in the Boots and the tattoos and might as well have been wearing a sign saying “Ask me about my panty-flinging tendencies!” and ‘fessed up. “But I was good! I didn’t go all fangirl!”

“I was wondering if you were going to do it on air,” said Frank, sounding mildly disappointed. (Had I not been wearing The Boots, I might have tried to oblige then and there, but getting the undies off over these things would be nearly impossible.) Possibly NPR does not get a lot of that variety of groupie plaguing their studios. I can’t imagine why not…

Anyway, you can listen to it online here!

*In the most polite and professional way possible. It was wonderful.

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