State of the Swamp

Barring explosions, the taxman print run will be done tomorrow.

My extreme gratitude to everyone for their patience–the printer held up, but the supplies did not. I think I bought up every scrap of r1800 ink in the greater Triangle area. Staples stopped promising overnight delivery and started backlogging it. Still, assuming they drop off the last cartridge of yellow tomorrow, I should finish out the run.

Did NOT expect it to take that long, but at least it’s nearly done. Then it’ll be my mailing place’s problem.

Adding to the general chaos, I was up until 3 AM last night with Kevin, working on the website.* Exhausted in the morning. Heh. (Why is it that I can drink until dawn and be awake four hours later in fine fettle, but I stay up until three working and sleep until eleven, and I can barely move? And is the lesson to learn here “Don’t sleep so much” or “Drink heavily while working?”) Still, that was the big push on the site–a few more tweaks, and it should be ready for the general public.

Annnnd, just to add to the joy, my first draft of “Dragonbreath” was due at Penguin today. I got it in a day early, but that’s been contributing to frazzlement all around….

*While there are plenty of ways I’d like to keep the man up all night,  fooling with CMS is pretty far down the list.

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