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So as some of you may have noticed, Nurk seems to be available…well…tomorrow.

This was something of a surprise, since I thought it was a June release. Apparently June is not quite as late as it used to be. Possibly this is Amazon jumping the gun (they’re known to do that) but it’s also just possible that the book is out, since a reader who works in a bookstore said there were copies in the back room.

And this is…well…actually, this is great in the “yay! It’s out!” sense, but not so great in other senses, because A) there’s a whole lot of complicated mojo with how book sales are calculated over time that may be confused by the early releases, and far more importantly, B) my website is linked in the back of the book, and THERE ARE BOOBS ON IT.*

And also profanity. And a lot of other stuff that probably isn’t appropriate for the 8-10 age range of Nurk, who shouldn’t be surfing the web unsupervised anyhow, but at the very least I needed to plaster a warning on the site so that I didn’t have an irate parent after my head because their little darlin’ came toddling in and asked “Mommy, what’s “fetish” mean?”

The upshot of all of this is that a few days back I grabbed my webguy by the virtual labels and gibbered something about Nurk and releases and minors and my god, I couldn’t possibly go through and manually strip out every occurance of the word “fuck” on Metal&Magic, this was MADNESS, heeeellllllpp!

He rose magnificently to the occasion and so there is now a clickthrough on the front of M&M,** and he’s been slapping together at high speed, despite the fact that he initially thought he’d have a full month to do it.

(The most galling thing, of course, is that I have known for months I’d have to set up a website for Nurk, and I kept not doing it. It has been suggested, with great merit, that none of this was actually REAL to me until the box of books actually thunked down on the floor of my living room and I went “Oh crap. I think it’s actually a book.” This does not excuse me in the least, but at least I understand why there was no urgency at all.)

So! The upshot of all this is that if you go to you now get a little warning clicky. My apologies. I realize that every time somebody has to click through something, you lose people, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

The other upshot is that the updating of Metal & Magic is temporarily on hold until we get up and running smoothly.

And also, the wallpaper contest WILL get judged, it just slipped down a notch on the priority front with the whole gibbering panic thing.

*The website, not the book. There are no boobs in the book. Actually, I think all the females actually met on-screen are reptiles.

**This doesn’t sound like much, except that doing so required navigating a lot of completely disorganized junk on the server to find out where to PUT the thing, a job that could only be done with my ex-husband on the phone, at 11:30 at night, trying to get directions and change permissions and whatnot. When I do the customer testimonial, I’ll be sure to stress the above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty bit.

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